Finding joy in the journey – from sparks to flames.

The Joy Stoke

Hi. My name is Belinda or Bee.
I am a physiotherapist, mom, wife and lover of life, people, sun and ocean. One of my other nicknames is Joy.
At first my nickname was a compliment. And it still is….but I think it also bears a certain measure of responsibility. I wanted to start this blog 5 years ago when I was journeying through breast cancer with a 4 year old and a 2 week old. Despite this being a challenging
time I kept finding sparks of joy that occasionally grew into little flames. Sometimes just tiny sparks, sometimes only a short lived attempt at making a fire. But when I look back I marvel at how they helped me refine parts of my spirit into stronger and different looking parts. I also realised I had seen this before in other chapters of my life- my fight against tuberculosis(TB), my two miscarriages and watching loved ones go through extreme grief and loss.And I wanted to share this with others and compare journeys. I also hoped to express gratitude and give credit to others who journey with us. In my journey it was often others who lit the spark and fanned the flames when I could not.
However, I did not start this blog 5 years ago. And I threw myself back into work, motherhood and family life. And what a blessed life it is with my wonderful husband Heath and my gorgeous children Ka’lea and Koa. We live at the beach and spend many happy hours in the ocean. So why am I starting this now? I am sitting at home in lock down in Cape Town, South Africa as the world and my beautiful country battles COVID-19. I now find myself in a new battle – not being able to engage with my patients daily, missing my school and friend community, longing for a swim in the ocean and to feel the sand between my toes. And I am so starkly aware of how privileged that sounds in a country where people live in informal settlements, or on the streets with no toilets, no running water and no money. A battle and a challenge beyond what I can imagine ….
And so, a blog to share Joy in the Journey – to find and share small stories or big stories that illustrate human resilience or that Stoke the Joy. Or small pieces of stories, kindling if you will, that can be gathered, examined and used later. Or to find and connect people and situations where the spark catches alight and the fire becomes a deep, burning roar – for change, for growth, for LOVE.
Share the Joy – Spread the Stoke.  
The Joy Stoke